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LINK-TOP logistics has good experience in warehouse management and professional team, to provide economic, safe, accurate and real-time warehousing service, warehousing management, work mechanization and the safety of network information with the scientific management system, advanced warehouse management system.


LINK-TOP logistics in ShangHai, HK, Xi 'An, GuangZhou, HaiKou and other central cities with more than 90000 square meters of integrated warehouse, equipped with central temperature spray system, closed-circuit monitoring system, automatic fire alarm system, electronic anti-theft system and other safety protective equipment, implements 24 hours security guard patrol system, established a strict system of standardized operations.


LINK-TOP logistics has motor, electric forklift, crane and so on many kinds of loading and unloading equipment, fifo inventory management methods and 5 s daily maintenance system (SEIRI sorting, SEITON consolidation, SEISO cleaning the clean, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE literacy), according to the customer demand to provide storage, reprocessing, transit, distribution, packaging, delivery, etc.


LINK-TOP logistics has advanced logistics warehouse management information system, bar code technology, logistics companies through new continents online storage management information platform, form the company in a nationwide warehousing network management system, implement the whole process of resource planning for warehouse each link, customer management, contract management, order management, inventory management, in the library management, warehouse management, loading and unloading early warning, quality control, business management, inventory and settlement management, reporting and statistical analysis, etc, to provide real-time loading and unloading, transfers, inventory and inventory information query goods, goods barcode information and other services, has realized the process of storage and management of network information.



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